Friday, October 9, 2009

The Band

IMG_1169, originally uploaded by picable.

On the right, is Mitzi wearing her green witch costume. I used a sheer black spiderweb over the green satin.

The bear on the surfboard, behind Mitzi, is wearing a killer bee swarm on a tulle head piece. If that don't keep you up at night, I'm not sure what will.

On your left is Dook, wearing his pirate costume, complete with dreadlock wig and red skull bandana. His pants were made with old king-size flannel pillow cases. Pretty green of me, eh?

The making of bat wings

IMG_1167, originally uploaded by picable.

Here I am using a rotary cutter and the plastic guide to cut perfect triangles from black felt.

I saved all the little triangles to use as felt noses when I make amigarumi or teddybears. I'm sure I must have a year's supply now. LOL

Bat wings?

IMG_1171, originally uploaded by picable.

The little yellow guy is wearing bat wings made by me. That was a middle of the night project, in case you're wondering. But my inspiration came from a picture in a magazine.

Billy Bob in prison overalls

IMG_1172, originally uploaded by picable.

One animatronic costume I've been working on the past month is Billy Bob's prison overalls. This bear has a 90 inch waist.