Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tiny crocheted Baby Bear

The baby bear has legs, and all his toes are there! Hurray! Now we are discussing his wardrobe. Let me see, he wants overalls, shorts, tank tops, sweater, hoodie....oh the list is getting quite large. Next thing you know he'll want a sister or a brother. hee hee

A cup of bear

Isn't he worth getting up in the morning? I sure think so. Baby bear wanted to say hello to the world and let you know that he has legs but they are not quite ready to be attached.

I am sculpting the toes today. Looking forward to sharing that with you in a later post.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bearing with errors in the photo upload process

I woke up this morning with the idea of having a cup of coffee. I found the little baby bear in my coffee cup. Guess I should have been more diligent about cleaning up before I went to bed.

Anyway. I got another cup out and had my coffee while I worked on my baby bear. He has a body and two arms now, I'm happy to announce. I wanted to share his latest photo with you but there seems to be an error in the upload process.

The message says to try again later. Actually it said a lot more than that. I'm supposed to report the error but I have a baby bear with no legs to support him. If I don't give him legs soon, I'll be needing some kind of support. I have to work no matter how much I love making baby bears.

I am hiding my obsession with crochet the best I can. I suspect that everyone has already figured it out. I mean, I take a project with me everywhere I go. And I talk about it all the time with anyone that will listen.

I'll be back later to attempt to show off the baby bear in the coffee cup. You just got to see how irresistable he is to know why I can't get him off my mind.

Bitten by the crocheted bear

I looked around and there it was...the pattern for a little tiny crocheted bear. It was mine for the asking. All I had to do was click "download" and it was mine!

It is now the reason I get up in the morning, and the reason I get up at night. Forget the reason, I can't stop thinking about this tiny little bear that is being created stitch by loving stitch.

Bear with me as I share my new found love, please.

The head of this bear is a special one. It is sculpted with thread. My first time to do that with success. And with that I lost my head on the baby bear.

This is for you, Serena.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Amigurumi. I did not know how to pronounce it. I did not realize that I was already doing it. The Japanese art of making toys out of yarn. Amigurumi is done in the round using single crochet and sometimes it is knitted.

This is a crocheted bear that I made. It is not one of my patterns but I can share the picture with you and (hopefully) the joy of making these toys.
I string jointed the arms and legs and sewed the head on. His feet are large enough that he can stand up. If you turn the arms up as if he is reaching out to you, it is all but impossible not to pick him up. I believe that is exactly what he wants people to do--pick him up. He is hard to ignore. I love this bear.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Crocheted Dog Clothes

Dog sweaters/tube dresses are not as complicated as I thought. I would crochet one in the round using double crochet. For a girl dog, this is easy enough to do. For the boys, you will have to switch over to rows towards the end so that he has the open area he needs underneath.

If you do the tube style, please make sure you make it big enough to go around the head and shoulderblades. If you want it to fit snug you will need a way to fasten it together. Measure your dog before you decide what size your dog is. Make sure the collar will go over the head and not just around the neck.

Later Gater,
Your Sandi