Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Neck Warmer

Although I have placed this neck warmer on a bear, it was actually made to fit a woman. The bear was more willing to pose for the camera than the recipient of the scarf.
Neck warmers such as these are an attractive way to stay warm even when you are wearing a suit jacket. It also cuts down on the bulk of a more traditional scarf.
This pattern was taken from a 1997 Leisure Arts publication called Easy Assortment and was a supplement to Crochet With Heart. (In case you want to try and get a copy of the pattern from someone else. I am not licensed to sell or give the actual pattern to anybody)
This one is made using a pineapple design and it has an opening for one end of the scarf to be inserted through so that it stays on the neck. I used a different yarn and hook size than the pattern called for.

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