Wednesday, September 3, 2008

crocheted wasp nests

It was an experiment. Crocheting wasp nests, that is. The theory behind it was that if wasps, bees and hornets could see a nest that was not theirs, they would leave. That is because they are territorial by nature.
I made these nests up thinking that it had to be the greatest idea ever. No pesticides. But do they actually work? I don't know! I gave them away and lost control of the experiment in the process. Making a mental note not to do that again.
Next time I make them I will leave them in the same tree I took the picture of. Then and only then will I truly know if they work. Why bother? Because I'm thinking that if they work that there would be others that would pay money rather than have to go outside and see wasps flying all around their children while they play in their own yards.

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