Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crocheting a dog sweater

IMG_0985, originally uploaded by picable.

You start with a square or rectangle depending on the size/breed of dog your crocheting for. Add ribbing to the end that goes toward the tail. Crochet a belly panel. For girl dogs you make it longer. The belly panel is wider at the bottom and narrows as it goes up. Make ribbing for the neck.

Assemble the pieces using whip stitch. Leave an opening for the legs when sewing the belly panel to the back. Crochet around the leg openings to complete the outfit.

Ta-Da! You have one cute little doggie wearing a crocheted sweater.


Crochet Queen said...

Sandi you are the greatest.... I will be making one really soon. I will let you know how it turned out. I finished the monster blanket when I figure out how to best get a pic of it I will be posting it before it is dropped off for the entry..

Avril said...

If this will help me crochet my first dog sweaters, I'll definitely give you my vote for the Nobel price. I'm trying to crochet dog sweaters with no success. Hope this will help me.Thanks