Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crocheted Belts for Fun and Profit

Crocheted belts are quick and easy thanks to todays fashion trends. The biggest difference between a belt and a scarf is the width. Some scarves can be used as belts.

With this in mind, you could crochet some motifs and join them to make a belt. You can add fringe on the ends and make it long enough to tie around your waste. Or, you can put 2 D-rings on one end to hold the belt together. Or you can use two large rings, such as two plastic or metal bangle bracelets.

The possibilities are endless. Buckles are readily available. Add some ribbon to your crochet or beads.

You are not the only one that wants one. You can finally support your crochet habit by simply making belts and selling them faster than you can make them. Try it and you will see.

Have fun with this one and I will talk to you later.

Your Sandi

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