Friday, November 9, 2007


Amigurumi. I did not know how to pronounce it. I did not realize that I was already doing it. The Japanese art of making toys out of yarn. Amigurumi is done in the round using single crochet and sometimes it is knitted.

This is a crocheted bear that I made. It is not one of my patterns but I can share the picture with you and (hopefully) the joy of making these toys.
I string jointed the arms and legs and sewed the head on. His feet are large enough that he can stand up. If you turn the arms up as if he is reaching out to you, it is all but impossible not to pick him up. I believe that is exactly what he wants people to do--pick him up. He is hard to ignore. I love this bear.


Anonymous said...

i really love the blanket

patty said...

Grandma wants a pattern for this blanket