Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lesson Six on Two Color Granny Square

In this photo I have dropped the violet yarn and have picked up the white yarn from the previous row. I have looped it around the hook(yarn over-yo) and I am going to bring it through the two loops on the hook. This will complete the dc and change the color. I can now proceed with the rest of Rnd 3....
Rnd 3 (cont): ch 2, 2 dc in same sp, dc in next 7 sts, (2dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in next ch sp, dc in next 7 sts, 2 dc in next ch sp, ch 2, join, fasten off.
This completes the series of lessons on The Making of a Two Color Granny Square.
(Want more like this? Comments are Welcome)


Cassandra said...

I'm an avid crocheter and this is the FIRST time I've ever seen a two tone granny pattern. You ROCK!!!

I haven't been updating my blog lately, but I'll be posting about your tutorial very soon. The crochet-along is focusing on Granny squares for the month of January!

Happy New Year and thank you!

More like this? YES!!!

Your Sandi said...

Thank you, Cassandra. I'll be sure and check out your blog!

Joy said...

I love this but am having a ton of issues on the turns and then when you pick up the previous color. on the turn & sl st I end up with a very bulky area on the next row, and when i pick up the previous yarn, i end up with a line as the yarn is at the bottom of the previous stitch. I'm obsessed until I get this figured out, lol
Thanks for sharing.

Your Sandi said...

What can I say Joy, but that I had the same issues with this as you are having. Not only that, but there are more yarn ends to weave in when you are done.

Until someone can come up with a better way to do it, this is the only way I know to get this two color effect.

The good news is the problems are all going to be on the back side of your croquilt and not the front.

Friendly Flamingo said...

Yes, yes, yes please!

I'm not a crocheter, but I keep trying to teach myself but never very successfully. However, I have nothing if not perseverance, so I can promise that as soon as my wool comes back out of storage I'll be clumsily clutching a hook once again.

Please give us more :0)

(I found your blog link through the "I Made It Myself" flickr group)

Your Sandi said...

Well, thank you, Flamingo. It's nice to know that you found me in my flickr group. I'll be sure to look for you there.

I have a series planned for tunisian crochet (afghan stitch) in the near future.