Friday, January 4, 2008

Crocheting Without Pain

I want to talk about crochet and pain. Yes pain. If you've crocheted as long as I have you have most likely experienced the two together.

Here is what works for me. Massage. Yes! With lotion. Take your time and put it all over your hands, in between the fingers, rub it in those areas that tend to ache the most. Do this before you get your hook out of your totebag.

Massage warms the area up and reduces the risk of pain before you even get started. Seperate those fingers, spread them out. It's good excercise and good therapy.

Shake those hands out. Gets the blood to flowing. Ball your hand up into a fist and then straighten your hand out. Rub your palms together.

Now your hands should be nice and warm and ready for that crochet project.

Need extra help with keeping the pain at bay after you've been crocheting for a bit? Take a break every 30 minutes to an hour and repeat the steps above.

You can also wear fingerless gloves. Or even a wrap for your wrist can help. They keep the warmth where you need it most.

If all this is still not enough to keep the pain manageable, then you might want to talk it over with your doctor.

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