Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back Loop?

If you struggle with understanding the back loop/front loop that is mentioned so often in crochet--you are not alone.

To help you to 'see' it without being there to actually 'show' them to you; this is what I come up with that helped someone else find her back loops.

When you make a beginning chain and then go to crochet into that chain, you are crocheting into the back loop of the chain. Do this and look at it. You should now 'see' it in a whole new way.

When you crochet into the back loop of a stitch, that is the loop that is furthest from you. Front loop is closest.

Why do we do this? It gives us a loop to attach work to later on in the pattern. It makes a nice line on the crochet piece that is decorative.

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