Saturday, March 29, 2008

Row Two

I'll call this the Chain Loop Row. I'm using this picture to help you see what it looks like after you get a few rows done. You'll understand it a whole lot better with this picture in mind.

For Row 2: Do not turn your work. Leaving the white yarn (MC) off the hook, go back to the beggining of the first row. Making a loop on your hook with the CC yarn (I used blue), join with a sc in the ch loop before the first shell made with the white yarn in row one.

(Before you yell at me, just stare at the picture a minute. It's not as complicated as it sounds.)

Now ch 6(with the blue) and sc in one of the unused ch loops after the next (white) shell on row one. Continue all the way across. When you get to the end of the row, sc in the previously unused loop at the end of row one.

Being careful not to undo any of the white stitches, ch 2 (with the blue) and Turn your work.

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