Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Does This Come In Another Color?

Have you ever needed something in a particular color and nobody had it? And then you made the mistake of asking if the store did special orders?

This happened to me recently when I needed fringe to sew on a curtain. First I had sticker shock while looking for fringe at the stores. It averages $2 a foot for the style I was looking for.

The price made me think I needed to make fringe for a living. And why not? It couldn't be any lamer than the lady on tv bragging about how she makes scrunchies for a living.

Okay, back to the problem with fringe. I couldn't find the fringe in the shade I needed at any price. And then it hit me, I can make it myself. The whole DIY philosophy developed over frustrated shoppers.

Next up is how I solved my little problem and how you can make fringe in the shade you want. No snooty salesclerks either.

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