Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It does now

In the spirit of DIY, I cruised the yarn aisle to find the perfect shade for my fringe. You can make this with pearl cotton thread, or do what I did and use Micro Spun by Lion Brand.

I tried different hooks with this, but finally settled on a size D hook. You can also use a steel hook in size 2. I like the longer handle on the D and the head was large enough that it didn't split the yarn.

With hook in hand, I made a chain and one row of single crochet before I fastened off. I then cut the yarn in 9 inch lengths. I used one length per stitch.

You can make this fringe as long or short as you need. And it doesn't cost you $2 a foot to make it. It feels so much better than anything I found already made, and looks better, too.

Remember, when they tell you it can't be done, then just go and show them how it's done. It'll make you giggle out loud and proud that you didn't take no for an answer.

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