Friday, November 14, 2008

Gag Gift

Surprise! It's Christmas time again and you're broke. Wondering what to give your inlaws and outlaws? Well, here you go. You can't get any faster, cheaper, and easier than this. Bonus: they make you laugh.

Each pair requires four maxi pads. Lay two out flat for the soles. Take one of the others and lay it across the top in the toe area. Tape or glue the ends to the bottom. Do the same on the other 'shoe'.

Digging through your decoration stash, find some ribbons or even mistletoe and glue them on the top. Makes it look like you went to a whole lot more trouble than you really did.

Now wrap these babies up and toss 'em under the tree. Sit back with a cup of eggnog and relax. Your gifts are taken care of. Now aren't you the smart one?

Later Gater,

Your Sandi

1 comment:

Jon and Linda said...

I wish I could give those to my M I L!!!!!