Thursday, May 21, 2009

How do I do that?

To sell your patterns, you can offer them to magazines. Pick one you like, and think your pattern will fit in with the rest of what they tend to include in their magazine. Go to their site online, and read how to submit your work for publication. Follow their instructions to the letter. And then sit back and wait. Expect a few rejections before you make it as a big time pattern writer. Quite a few, in fact. But, it can be done. So don't give up yet.

Another option, is to find a craft site that gives away free patterns. Some of them will pay you for your patterns. Read the guidelines for publication, and follow them to the letter. Again, be prepared for rejections. The best writers in the world get them. Some even wall paper their office with the reject letters. They are that common.

But listen to the reason they rejected your piece, and learn from it. You know you're not a failure as a human being, and you know you're good at writing patterns because some other people told you so before you decided you wanted to get paid for it. Remind yourself as often as you need to and get over it already.

There is another option. You can sell your patterns to individuals. Yep. And you can sell them over and over and over again. As often as someone is willing to pay you the price you ask. Pick a place like to list your patterns. Can you do a pdf? If not, you might want to learn how. It's amazingly easy once you know how to do it. One click of a button and poof! it's in pdf format and ready to be attached to an email to send out to your customer.

Take some digital pictures of the finished item, write up a description so they know what they are buying, decide if you will allow the buyer to sell the item they crochet from your pattern, decide how much you want to charge for the pattern, you have a paypal account by now...right?, remember you prefer paypal and put that in your description, let them know you'll send the pattern by email within 24 hours of payment being made and make sure you do exactly what you promised, say thank you each and every time--they could have gave that money to someone else, you know.

That's about it. A lot to think about. The money is out there to be made if you want it bad enough. Just do it. When you start thinking its a lot of work for too little money, remember when you crocheted for free and gave it all away? That should make you appreciate every dollar you make crocheting. After all, it could be a whole lot worse. How many people do you know that took the initiative to actually persue their dream of making money from home? You're a winner in my book just because you took the steps to achieve your goal--whatever your goal was.

Keep learning, and pat yourself on the back every now and then. You can do it! I believe! LOL

Have a great one!

"7 days without crochet makes one weak"

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