Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making more money with crochet

Can you read a crochet pattern? Can you follow the pattern and does your finished item look anything like the one in the picture? Can you pronounce those French words correctly?

Motif is pronounced mo-teef. Not motive. Mo-teef. The 'o' is long.
Picot is pronounced pee-ko. Not pie-cot. Say it with me, pee-ko. Again, the 'o' is long.
And of course, you know that crochet is pronounced kro-shay. Not crotch-it.

Seriously, when you pronounce the words correctly you come across as a professional instead of a dork. And people will pay you more for crocheted items if you speak the language correctly.
It also helps to be able to read crochet correctly. If you don't already know how, then by all means learn how. It's in the magazine you bought, or the book, they include a list of what it all means.

Read and follow the directions. Pay attention to gauge, hook size, stitch count, and yarn. Beware of yarn substitutions until you've had enough experience to make them. You'll make a lot of mistakes in learning how to substitute any of these. But eventually, you'll get it, if you don't give up.

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