Thursday, February 12, 2009

baby sling

baby sling, originally uploaded by picable.

If you can sew on a machine, you can make this! It consists of one long double panel of fabric. Wider at the top and narrowing down as you go.

Two long straps at top to go around the Mom and criss-crossing her back. One long strap centered on narrow end of main piece with two short straps sewed on top of that. Sew a ring on ends of short straps for looping the long straps through. Bring up between baby's legs and tie the long strap in a knot to secure the baby. (Reminds me of cloth diapers without the pins)

Criss cross the upper long straps across Mom's back and run through the rings, tie in a knot behind Mom's back, or put a buckle system in place. Make it as easy or complicated as you like.

Either way, its not that difficult once you understand how it works and why. Two knots/five straps/ a strip of cloth to cradle the baby/ and the Mom now has two free hands to do what she needs to do.

I love it!

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