Friday, February 13, 2009

fun with crochet

100_0061, originally uploaded by picable.

This one I called 'Rhyme without Reason'. My intentions were to make it a buddy and call it 'Reason', but since I never quite made it to 'Reason' this little guy became 'Rhyme without Reason'.

I like the big nose. I got that effect by using Lion Brand Suede Yarn. I made it seperate from the rest of the doll and sewed it on his snout. I did the body and head in the round using single crochet. The arms and legs are seperate pieces. I made the thumb by increasing and using hdc in place of sc. After that you just decrease and go back to sc stitches and it works out to look like a thumb.

I like to attach arms and legs using the string method. You just use a big needle to sew from one arm, through the body, and out the other arm, and back again. Do this right and knot it under the arm real tight. Then hide your loose ends. If you practice it enough the arms stay on and they also move up and down and all the way around. Pretty neat, I think.

Do the legs that way and the doll can sit and you can pose it nicely. I like safety eyes, but now I'm getting better at embroidering them on.
My dog likes to chew on plastic eyes, so that got me looking for a better way.

I did the hairy ears by attaching yarn one piece at a time the same way you would fringe. Did the tail that way, too.

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Jon and Linda said...

He is so adorable!!!!!!