Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pineapple Neck Cooler

IMG_1064, originally uploaded by picable.

I made one of these for myself and when I wore it the other day while walking to the library; I was sure glad I did. It kept me a whole lot cooler just having it on my neck, and if I shrugged my shoulders I would get instant cooldown of my corotid arteries. Now that made it all worth while, besides the fact that I looked pretty chic with it on.

I realize that those that know how to crochet might look at this picture and figure out how to make one for themselves. While that may be true, you can find out a lot easier if you just buy the complete instructions from me. I have the finished neck coolers in stock, or the pattern ready for purchase. I think you will find my prices are fair and reasonable. You can click on my Etsy mini for purchase or just send me an email.

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