Friday, August 28, 2009

True Confessions

I'm here to let you know that I have fears. Big ones, small ones, but more than anything is the fear of trying anything new. Yep, its true.

Today I faced a long standing fear in the face, took the challenge, and I won! Color me pink, folks, 'cause I am tickled.

So what is/was my great fear? Oh, just the serger my husband bought me four years ago. The problem was it had so many dials, so many new thing-a-ma-jigs on it that was wa-a-a-y beyond my level of comprehension. Yes, I read the manual that came with it. It was written in so many different languages, it was confusing all by itself.

Well, so, what happened to make me brave my fear? I got this book, "Simple Serger Sewing" and it explained it with words and pictures in a way that it made sense. Before I even got to the projects to make in the book, I had my serger out of the box and up on my table.

I cleaned it up proper, just like the book said I should do. Then, remembering that the last time I attempted to use it, the thread broke and that's why I put it away--before I messed up even more seeing as how I wasn't clear on where exactly I went wrong. I mean, it sewed when we bought it brand new, but my fiddling around with the dials and such messed it up so the thread broke and I had to re-thread it. Horrors!

But that was then, and this is now. I checked my threading and found 3 areas that were not threaded proper. Fixed that--not a problem. Feeling all confident, I plugged that baby in and pressed down on the pedal and it looked fine. Put some fabric in place, and after a few inches I stopped to check out the stitches....needed some adjusting. Checking the book, (by the way, the manual makes more sense to me now) I adjusted one dial and started sewing again. Checked after a few inches--perfect! Ha Ha! I'm dancing a jig in my chair at this point.

I changed the dials up and down to see the result, and now I am no longer afraid of my serger. Yay! I am going to cut out some pj's tonight and serge them right up. Never mind I have pressing deadlines on a ton of other stuff. I'm on a roll with this, and I do not want to put it away until I actually make something. Besides, the book has a pattern in it to make something that is on my list of things to do for a paying customer. And if its as easy as the book made it look, then I should have those done in no time at all.

*smiling really big now*


~♥Sonya said...

Good for you!! I love accomplishing, or should I say 'overcoming' a challenge such as this! I must check back regularly because I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of newly completed projects posted on your blog in the very near future!

yoursandi said...

Thanks! I might surprise you over the next few weeks with what I'll be making.

I'll keep you posted!