Monday, January 7, 2008

The Canvas!

I wanted to show you the front and back of this blanket. The front side is on the left and it is neat and has all these vertical lines that line up with each other. These help me to know if I dropped a stitch in the middle of a row. This can happen when you put the project down. Reminds me of my knitting days when that happens.
The back side is a lot like stockinette stitch in knitting. That is on the right side of the picture.
I folded the afghan over so you could see the front and the back at the same time. It is very easy to know which side is which.
I will continue to work loop rows and return rows until this afghan is the size I need it to be. I will embroider a picture on it when the time comes. It resembles a counted cross stitch fabric. If you look at yours closely you will see that the vertical lines have the perfect place to insert a tapestry needle into and they are a bit like squares. Works real good with cross stitching.
I make the 'canvas' for my cross stitching with the basic tunisian stitch. I can add a border or a ruffle with a regular crochet hook when I'm done. It is very nice to know that you can combine these two crafts to produce a true work of art!

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