Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tunisian Crochet or Afghan Stitch

This form of crochet is perhaps the historical link to knitting. The hook that is used is much longer than your average crochet hook. It comes in different sizes. When it has a number assigned to the size, it is comparable to a knitting needle of the same size. When it has a letter representing the size, it is comparable to the crochet hook of the same letter.

The hook is so long because it needs to hold all the loops as you work the stitches. Each row is done in two steps--putting the loops on the hook and then taking them back off. It is worth the effort, in my opinion, as it produces a variety of textures not found in regular crochet.

For larger projects, such as a one piece afghan, the hooks are available with a cable attached to hold the extra stitches.

I will be covering the basic afghan stitch first. Are you ready? Grab your hooks and your yarn and lets get to stitching!

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