Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tapping Into the Un-used Loops

I put the hook through the loop, and by yarning over (yo) and drawing the loop through I had the yarn attached with a slip stitch(sl st).
For this project, it didn't matter too much where I started out.
Now I proceed to ch 3 (chain 3) and that acted as my first dc (double crochet). Then I put a dc in every un-used loop after that. When I got to the corner, I just found a likely stitch to put my hook into and then I put 3dc into that one stitch. This is called an increase(inc). It needs to be there on the corner so that the skirt will look right when I'm done.
Now I turned the doll to do the same on the back as I did on the front. Dc in all the un-used loops, and three dc in the corner.
When I got back around to the original dc (which was actually a ch-3) I joined them together (tog) with a sl st (slip stitch).
Then, I ch 3 and dc in the same stitch (st) I joined in. I put 2dc in each st all the way around the doll and joined to the beg(beginning) ch 3 with a sl st. Then I finished off (FO).

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