Monday, January 14, 2008

Reverse the Sequence to achieve Basket Weave

To continue the basket weave pattern you simply reverse the sequence. That is, if you ended the previous row by working four FPdc, work BPdc instead. Thus, you are simultaneously working a horizontal block and a vertical one, depending on which side of the pattern you are looking at.
When you have completed the first row of blocks, alternate the order of the next row of blocks by working the following row of stitches in the same way as the previous row. Thus, if you finished that row with FPdc, begin the next row with FPdc.
By repeating the pattern rows as established you will achieve a warm and richly textured fabric that can be used to make sweaters, blankets, rugs, belts and more. You can use a variety of threads and yarns with this stitch.

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Bumpkin Bears said...

hi, this is a great blog, I've just started knitting again recently so will have to try crocheting too when I can find a spare moment :)